Sustainability and the Telecoms Industry

Tony Chan

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Cloud-based business management software vendor, NetSuite, claims that customers using the company’s cloud-based SaaS, ERP and CRM services are saving the equivalent of 423,000 metric tons of carbon dioxide every year, but conveniently omits the important fact that at least some of those emissions are now generated by its own data centres. The report, conducted by environmental consultants, Greenspace, found that the average NetSuite customer can cut its electricity bill by more than US$10,000 per year and as much as US$100,000 cost reductions per year when hardware, software licensing, maintenance, personnel and occupancy costs are taken into account. When calculated against the more than 6,000 customers sharing data centre resources with NetSuite’s platform, the overall savings in energy bills would equal some US$61 million per year, amount to nearly 595 million k... (more)

Dell Goes Energy Star 5.0, Unveils Energy Saving Calculator

Dell has unveiled what it calls the broadest line of US EPA Energy Star 5.0-compliant desktops, workstations and portables. According to the company, select configurations of Dell OptiPlex, Dell Precision and Latitude are now Energy Star 5.0 compliant. Almost all of the desktops, workstation and portable products designed by the company today consume less than five watts in a low-power mode, which actually exceeds levels currently set by the EPA for energy efficiency, Dell said. “We are driving energy efficiency across all of our hardware platforms and our compliance with Energ... (more)

NetSuite Claims Cloud Computing Platform Cuts Emissions

Yesterday, I wrote about NetSuite’s claim that cloud computing platforms can save users and indeed the world, carbon emissions, but I also noted some facts that were left out of the press release and the study that it was based on, conducted by environmental consultants, Greenspace. Today, Jason Howard, CEO and Founder of Greenspace, wrote to me and gave me the OTHER half of the story. “I am the author of a recent study that you mention in your article. I would like to provide you with additional information about our methodology so you have all publicly available information for... (more)

How Sun Reinvented Its Own Data Centre Infrastructure

This is a pretty cool video of how Sun is walking the walk and not just talking the talk when it comes to its data centre efficiency strategy. Listen to Dean Nelson, director of Global Lab & Data Centre Design Services at Sun Microsystems, tell how the company basically reinvented its data centre infrastructure through virtualisation and consolidation of multiple facilities and the deployment of the company’s products and solutions. The challenge: Sun had to consolidate 25 years of organic growth, new products, re-organisations, acquisitions, and a multi-million dollar IT and R&... (more)

How cloud computing will change the nature of information

Market researchers, Research and Markets, has published the Worldwide Cloud Computing Market Shares, Strategies, and Forecasts, 2009-2015, a 609-page report that is available for US$3,400, according to which the cloud computing market will reach a whooping US$160.2 billion by 2015, from a base of US$36 billion in 2008. From the press release, the company doesn't exactly explain why the market will expand so rapidly over the next five years, nor define what exactly the cloud computing market segment encompasses (hardware? software? IaaS? PaaS? SaaS?). According to the research f... (more)